Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001

What is the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

Universally recognised, this ISO Standard has never been more relevant than in today’s political and business arenas.  Climate change, global warming, waste recycling, resource management and legal compliance are of significance to businesses of all sizes.

A systematic approach to setting realistic and achievable objectives and targets shows global responsibility at every level of business activity. From simple stationery cost savings to reducing greenhouse gases, environmental management makes sound sense for all organisations and all employees.

ISO 14001 does not specify levels of environmental performance for every business activity; rather it offers a framework of generic requirements for an environmental management system.  A framework offers a common reference point between organisations, their customers, suppliers, regulators and the public, whilst avoiding the over-complexity of specific bureaucratic criteria.

Sheq Environmental Training

Why do you need ISO 14001?

Increasingly, ever more blue-chip companies are mandating an effective environmental management system to be implemented throughout their supply chain to support legal, moral and financial gains.

Why SheQ?

SheQ has specialist Consultants with experience of ISO 14001 standards, certification and implementation and have the ability to translate the requirements into common sense application for your organisation or workforce. Our Environmental Consultants vary in experience and qualifications and at the highest level are qualified to NEBOSH Environmental Diploma level or equivalent. We will deploy an appropriately qualified Consultant dependent on the level of risk involved.

Essentially we provide consultation, audit and training services to create manageable guidelines that reduce business costs whilst protecting the environment.

As with all our services, communicating the requirements simply and clearly is paramount.